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About Cianflone

Cianflone Scientific is a quality driven manufacturer of portable x-ray spectrographic “Portaspec” instrumentation (WDXRF analyzers) and laboratory sample preparation equipment.

Since 1984, our products have provided precise on-site chemical analysis and coating thickness measurements across many industries such as automotive, mining, and petroleum. Our manufacturing facility is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania serving customers worldwide, supported by international distributors in Europe, Canada, Asia-Pacific, South America, and South Africa.

In 2016, Cianflone acquired Tensitron, the leading manufacturer of digital, mechanical, and electronic tension measuring instrumentation, founded in 1935.

Our products are available for demonstrations and user/operator training.

Behind every Cianflone product is the pride and expertise of our people.

How Our Portaspecs Work

The x-ray tube beam excites the various elements in the sample represented by the colored arrows. They are guided through a collimator on to an analyzing crystal that separates the elements by their varying wavelengths. The wavelength energy is then guided through an upper collimator and into a detector tub.


Principles of Operation